Energy and Potential of Vibration
Sun 1 The primary vibration found which reflects the masculine aspect of the Creator.
Moon 2 The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and is the feminine aspect of the Creator that requires the positive impulse of the 1 energy to bring about expansion.
Jupiter 3  3 = 1 + 2 so Jupiter is a combination of the Sun and the Moon, or the 'son' or 'daughter' who wishes to grow and develop self-expression.
Uranus 4 The unknown into which the spirit is projected so it can learn self-expression.
Mercury 5 Gives the opportunity to explore the dimensions of the mind.
Venus 6 Gives the opportunity to reflect the Higher Self by having a loving nature.
Neptune 7 Provides stimulus to communicate with higher dimensions.
Saturn 8 Provides restrictive situations and oppostion to help expand ones consciousness.
Mars 9 Helps to realize that selfless service to humanity is vital for one's own development.
Pluto 11 Tests the ability to put idealism into action in a practical way.
Vesta 22 Offers the opportunity to become aware of the Creator via humanitarian activities.
(c) Based on the book: "Master Your Vibration" by Edmund Harold

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